Support and Consulting on Using Narratives

Support and Consulting on Using Narratives

Our Story helps you use narrative in the daily work of your organization or as an individual leader.

We believe narrative is a core capacity that should be built into your organization’s work. Like any other capacity, it takes time to learn and strengthen. Our goal is to support organizations and leaders in developing narrative capacity, so that they can employ narrative on their own. Whether it is a fact sheet, oped, blog-post, e-alert, research report, speech, video or any other communications vehicle, we can help with anything from concept to editing.


  • Work with your staff to understand key narrative concepts.
  • Review and edit communications material to strengthen their narrative power.
  • Write communications materials based on your organization’s narrative.
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Communications hubs for specific issues.

The following organizations have resources and can also advise you on how to communicate on specific issues.

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