Raising Wages

Raising Wages

An Economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy.


Overall Quest
Every working person should be paid enough to care for and support their family


The problem – Powerful corporations are using their influence to keep down wages, so that working people can’t meet the basics to care for and support their families. 
That hurts our communities and slows down the economy.

  • It’s ridiculous that even jobs like nursing assistants, preschool teachers, and paramedics pay low wages – much less than $15 an hour. We should value working people more than that.
  • The minimum wage is so low that many full time workers qualify for food stamps and other public assistance. Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize low wage employers; corporations should pay workers enough to live on

Our Solution – Working families and middle-class are the engines of the economy. The more money we put in the pockets of working people, the more their spending boosts Main Street, creates jobs and helps our communities thrive.

  • The more we assure that every working person gets the opportunity to get a good job, the better we will all be.

How we Get There – By raising the minimum wage so that working people can meet the basics to care for and support their families, we boost the economy and help build thriving communities.

  • Raise the minimum wage to lower the imbalance between what men and women get paid for the same work.
  • Take down the barriers – discrimination in hiring, underfunded schools, a biased criminal justice system – that keep wages lower for Blacks and Latinos.
  • Raise the minimum wage to level the playing field between small businesses, who do the right thing by paying higher wages than big, out of state corporations.
    • Small businesses understand that when their employees earn more, that boosts Main Street businesses and builds thriving communities.
  • End the subminimum tipped wage so that every working person can care and support their families.

Call to Action – It’s time we raised the minimum wage!

  • Around the country, working people are standing up for the freedom to stick together at work, to be treated with dignity, to have our work rewarded with good pay and benefits that make it possible to care for and support our families.
  • It’s up to us to make sure that we write the rules so that corporations don’t get away with holding down wages and benefits while CEOs and stockholders get rich.

Every working parent should get paid enough to care for their kids and set them off toward 
a great future.

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