Stand with Women

Stand with Women

For an America that Works for All of Us


Overall Quest
Every woman should have a full opportunity to live a fulfilling life and be valued for her contributions to society.


The problem – Today, women are central to caring for and supporting our families and growing our nation’s economy. But while times have changed, the rules and standards about work haven’t kept up.

  • Working women and men struggle to earn enough to raise and sustain a family, while CEOs use donations and lobbyists manipulate the rules in their favor.

For many women that means low pay, little or no paid time off to care for a newborn baby, sick child or elderly parent, costly childcare and no retirement benefits.

  • Too many elected officials are taking away access to the reproductive health services women need to make their own decisions about health care and starting a family.

Our solutionWe should make improving the incomes and lives of working families and the middle class our first priority. When women earn enough to care and support a family, their spending boosts the economy and builds thriving communities.

How we get there – It’s time to rewrite the rules so that women’s work and contributions are fully valued.

  • Equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage to a family supporting wage, guaranteeing the right to stick together and form a union, and ensuring fair promotions and representation in leadership at work.
  • The freedom to make the most important decision in a woman’s life: if, when and how many children to have – without interference from elected officials or employers. That means full access to affordable, reproductive health services, including no-cost birth control, abortion, pregnancy and maternity care.
  • Investments in affordable childcare, education, job training, and retirement security, so women can participate fully in our communities and the economy.
  • Taking down the barriers of discrimination that block equal opportunity for women of color to care for and support their families and make a better life for their children.
  • Paid sick days to care for ourselves or a sick child and paid family leave to care for a newborn or family member. It means reliable hours at work, so we can plan the time to care for our families. And an end to loss of pay and promotions that result from time off for caring for children and aging relatives.

Call to action – It’s time for every leader and lawmaker in our country to decide whether to stand with women or to stand in their way.

  • Together we can build a better future for our families in an America that works for all of us

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