Taxes & Budget

Taxes and Budget

 Fair Taxes for a Prosperous America

Overall Quest
An economy that works for all of us, not just big corporations and the wealthy few, with fair taxes that help build the foundation for a strong and prosperous America.

  • Thriving communities and families are built on the foundations that are paid for with taxes.


The problem – Corporations and the wealthy have used campaign contributions and lobbyists to rig the rules of the tax system to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of us. Instead of tax breaks for the rich and big corporations we should make the public investments we need to support families, provide opportunities for our children and help our communities to thrive.

  • Our nation isn’t building the foundations for a safe, healthy and prosperous future – great public schools, clean water, modern roads and transit, clean, renewable energy – because greedy corporations and the super-rich shirk their responsibilities to their communities, working people and country.
  • When the wealthy pay lower tax rates than the rest of us, our tax system is upside down. We need to turn it right-side up.
  • Many big profitable corporations – including Amazon, Delta Airlines and IBM – pay no federal income taxes at all. They are shirking their responsibility to their communities and country

Our solution – To build thriving communities, we need to clean up the tax breaks and raise taxes on the very wealthy and big corporations.

  • We all benefit if we have enough resources to invest in thriving communities and families.

How we get there – We need to rewrite the rules of our tax code to invest in thriving communities.

  • Instead of more tax breaks for the super-rich, we should create good jobs by investing in our communities to have better schools, fix our roads, bridges, transit system and clean, renewable energy
  • Now is the time to focus on a future where all our families and communities can thrive. We need to make sure we have great public schools, in all our communities, housing, health care and higher education that’s affordable, modern roads and transit, clean renewable energy – the public investments that will build continued economic prosperity in the future.
  • Turn the tax system right-side up, by assuring that the wealthy pay a higher share of all their income than working families and the middle-class.
  • Instead of cutting funding for our communities, we should close the tax loopholes that benefit the rich and big corporations.
  • Level the playing field for small businesses by closing loopholes that favor big corporations.
  • Call to action  Together, we can insist on fair taxes to build thriving communities in a thriving America.

    • We can hold our elected officials accountable for creating a tax system that works for everyday Americans, instead of the wealthy and big corporations.
    • We will fight for raising taxes on the wealthy and big corporations and investing those funds in building thriving communities all across America.

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