Gun Violence

Gun Violence

Overall Quest
The freedom to be safe in our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods and at work, without the constant threat of gun violence hanging over our heads.


The problem with Villains– Gun violence is rampant in America because sensible gun laws have been undone, reckless new measures have been passed, and glaring loopholes in our current laws have been allowed to remain open.

  • Children must practice active-shooter drills, leaving their parents in constant worry, because our country continues to allow the sales of deadly assault weapons.
  • Current laws allow easy access to guns for criminals, mentally unstable people, and even terrorists.
  • Our police officers are at risk every day when they confront criminals who are armed to the teeth with military-style weapons that are freely available
      This isn’t a conversation about your grandfather’s hunting rifle. Extraordinarily dangerous, military-style weapons are now within easy reach across America.
  • The NRA’s lobbyists aren’t defending everyday folks. They’re a giant operation defending powerful gun manufacturers at every turn.
  • For decades, NRA officials, the firearms industry, and their allies on Capitol Hill have waged a relentless effort to gut common sense gun laws and to pass reckless measures that put more people at risk.
      You don’t hear much from the NRA and their allies when violence strikes. That’s because they can’t possibly defend their reckless agenda in the face of such terrible human pain and suffering.
  • There isn’t a shred of credible evidence that more guns and more shooting save people’s lives. There is lots of evidence that more guns and more shooting mean more tragedy.

Our solution – We need stronger gun laws to free us from the gun violence that threatens our homes, schools, and communities.

  • Stronger gun laws protect our children, our families and communities and keep people alive.

How we get there Common sense gun laws are allowed under the Second Amendment, because they help prevent gun deaths, injuries, and crimes in communities across the country. We need to rewrite the rules to:

  • Make sure that all gun sales require federal background checks. Close the loophole that allows criminals, dangerously mentally ill and domestic abusers to buy guns from unlicensed dealers without a background check.
  • Restrict the sale of military style assault weapons and ammunition magazines.
  • Protect the safety of women and families by blocking mentally unstable people, abusive dating partners and those stalkers from buying guns.

Call to action  It’s up to us to demand that elected officials strengthen gun laws to protect our families and our communities from gun violence.

  • It’s time our elected officials cared more about the pain and turmoil gun violence causes than NRA’s lobbyists and gun manufacturers.
  • There is no excuse for the failure to act: we know how to dramatically reduce gun violence and protect our families and communities.
  • Together, we can make Americans free to be safe in our home, schools, neighborhoods and at work from the threat of gun violence.

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