Climate Narrative

Climate Narrative

Climate Solutions for An America that Works for All of Us

Overall Quest
Communities that are powered by clean, renewable energy to safeguard the health and futures of our families, our community and our planet.

  • We can no longer ignore our strange and increasingly severe weather. We have a moral obligation to protect our children – this means preparing for and tackling climate disaster now.


The problem – villains and their threats: Fossil fuel corporations are spending billions of dollars to rig the system against clean energy solutions. We need to restore our democracy and put people, not big oil and coal, in charge.

  • Oil and coal corporations have blocked clean energy policies and solutions by intentionally confusing Americans about the climate problem. Dirty energy corporations have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make people think climate science is uncertain, even targeting teachers and schoolchildren with misinformation.
  • Oil and coal corporations have singled out low-income communities and communities of color for toxic pollution. The climate damaging policies pushed by big oil and coal corporations often have had the most harmful impacts on low-income communities and communities of color.
  • The cost of big oil’s greed – causing rising sea levels, increasing droughts, floods, wildfires and extreme weather – can be measured in lost lives, higher food prices, poorer health and billions of dollars in disaster relief.

Our solution – Invest in clean, renewable energy in our own communities and throughout our country.  

  • We are producing clean, abundant energy right here, in communities across America. These investments create good local jobs, increase efficiency, and provide more choices for consumers, helping to create a more stable climate for our children.
  • We must give communities that are bearing the greatest burden from climate damage a central role in solving problems and setting policy to protect their families.
  • We need to protect our families, our communities and our livelihoods today from the harmful impacts we are already experiencing from climate change and prepare for further impacts in the years ahead.

How we get there –  We build a clean energy future by decisions we make together.

  • Instead of tax breaks and subsidies for oil, gas and coal companies, we should invest in clean renewable energy and in more energy efficiency, creating local jobs, stronger communities, and a more stable climate.
  • By making our homes, buildings, businesses and transportation more energy efficient and moving from polluting energy to wind turbines on farms and solar on our roofs, we will take charge of our energy futures.
  • We can create millions of good paying jobs in every community in our nation by investing in clean energy.
  • We should rewrite the rules to replace climate wrecking fossil fuels with energy that will protect and sustain the health of our families and communities.
  • We should implement clean energy plans in low-income communities and communities of color, with the full participation of community residents.

Call to action   Together we can take charge of our energy futures and protect our families, our country and our planet.

  • All across the country, cities and states are leading the way in reducing their energy use. In the process, they are saving money, reducing carbon emissions, and creating jobs by making buildings more energy efficient.
  • We must demand that our elected officials say no to big oil and coal and yes to our families and our future.
  • Those who say nothing can be done about climate disaster forget who we are and what we can do. No one should doubt America’s ingenuity and resolve. Together we can build a safe, healthy future for our families, our country and our planet.

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