Good Jobs

Good Jobs

An Economy that Works for All of Us

Good Jobs and the Freedom to Organize Together

An economy that works for all of us, not just big corporations, with good jobs and the freedom for working people to stand together.


The problem – Powerful corporations are using their influence to keep down wages and benefits, so that working people can’t meet the basics to care for and support their families. That hurts our communities and slows down the economy.

  • When corporations don’t allow working people to afford the basics, that means less spending in our neighborhoods, hurting small businesses and our communities.
  • Corporate CEOs want to call all the shots, even denying their employees the freedom to join together in union and negotiate for decent wages and benefits and better working conditions.
  • CEOs try to divide us by our race, our gender or where we come from but we can stand together in union so that all of us can care for and support our families.

Our solution – Working families and the middle class are the engines of the economy.
 When working people earn good pay and have decent benefits and can shop at local businesses and support and care for their families, they drive the economy moving forward.

  • The more we assure that every working person gets the opportunity to get a good job, the better we will all be.

How we get there – We build an economy that works for all of us by decisions we make together.

  • It’s time to rewrite the rules so that businesses will pay decent wages and benefits; arrange work so that workers can do their jobs and care for their families; and respect working people’s freedom to stand together in union.
  • We need to break down the barriers – discrimination in hiring, a biased criminal justice system, underfunded schools – that keep incomes and opportunities down for Blacks and Latinos.

Call to action – Together, we can build an economy and an America that works for all of us.

  • Around the country, working people are standing up for the freedom to stick together at work, to be treated with dignity, to have our work rewarded with good pay and benefits that make it possible to care for and support our families.
  • It’s up to us to make sure that we write the rules so that corporations don’t get away with holding down wages and benefits while CEOs and stockholders get rich.
  • The issue is not the size of our government, it’s whose side the government is on – working families or CEOs. Our government 
should ensure opportunity for every working family, not just those with the most money and power.
  • When you said the pledge of allegiance was it for liberty and justice for the few, for the super-rich? Or for all? Americans have done this before. We can do it again. Together we can build an America with liberty and justice for all for all of us.

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