How to use these Narratives

How to use these narratives

The narratives on are written as easy to use communications guides.

You can use the guides in writing any kind of communications, from long items like blog posts and speeches to short forms like an action alert or tweet.

The narratives are much more flexible than typical messages, which are often difficult to apply to actual communications. Instead, each sentence or paragraph is designed to stand on its own and be inserted in your communications.

When you are writing, the narrative can serve as an outline, with key sentences. You can plug them into the specific issue or situation you are writing about. Or if you have an outline in mind, you can look for key sentences from the narrative that will help shape your story.

Each of the narratives on is presented in two forms:

Form 1: An Epic Story Outline

  • Quest
  • Problem – with villains and their threats
  • Solution – with heroes and their tools
  • How we get there – the tools the heroes use
  • Call to action – how the heroes vanquish the villains to achieve their quest