Taxes & Budget

Taxes and Budget

 Fair Taxes for a Prosperous America

Overall Quest
An economy that works for all of us, not just big corporations and the wealthy few, with fair taxes that help build the foundation for a strong and prosperous America.

  • Thriving communities and families are built on the foundations that are paid for with taxes.


The problem – Out-of-control tax breaks for big corporations and the wealthy are syphoning off the resources needed to build thriving communities. 

  • Corporations and the wealthy have manipulated the rules of the tax system to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of us.

We could accomplish a lot more in America if we cleaned-up the giant tax loopholes and wasteful tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations.

  • When the wealthy pay lower tax rates than the rest of us, our tax system is upside down. We need to turn it right-side up.
  • Many big profitable corporations – such as GE, Pfizer, and Verizon – have gone years without paying any federal income taxes at all. When they don’t pay, the rest of us have to fill the gaps.

Our solution – To build strong and prosperous communities, we need to clean up the tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations. 

  • We all benefit if we have enough resources to invest in thriving communities and families.

How we get there – We need to rewrite the rules of our tax code to invest in thriving communities.

  • Instead of cutting funding for our communities, we should close the tax loopholes that benefit the rich and big corporations.
  • Level the playing field for small businesses by closing loopholes that favor big corporations.
  • Turn the tax system right-side up, by assuring that the wealthy pay a higher share of all their income than working families and the middle-class.

Call to action  Together, we can insist on fair taxes to build thriving communities. 

  • We can hold our elected officials accountable for creating a tax system that works for working families and the middle-class, instead of the wealthy and big corporations.
  • We will fight for ending the tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations and investing those funds in building thriving communities all across America.

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